a pride and prejudice retelling ft. a baking competition?? needless to say, i was immediately sold (i even featured this book in my most anticipated 2021 releases post lmao). i really liked how food (asian food specifically) played a huge role in the book, and it was overall a really light-hearted contemporary (what i thought i needed since i was in a reading slump haha). however, it ultimately fell flat for me despite a promising start. 

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IN THE MONTH OF MAY // ft. a few books and a lot of shows

so here i am, finally posting after four whole months. i wouldn’t say i’m back for sure, because of school and also because i’m taking my a levels at the end of the year aaa. but! my goal is to consistently post after my a levels hehe. for now, i’ll just post whenever i can.

my original plan was to just post book reviews so at least there will be content but alas, i barely read anything in the past few months. other than a few books here and there, most of the reading i did was for literature HAHA. however, now that it’s the school holidays, i’m hopefully going to read more sooo that means more posts??

this wrap up is filled with shows and films that i’ve binged in may. it was only after compiling this list that i realised i watched SO MANY stuff omg. i watched quite a few kdramas too — actually the amount of kdramas i watched this year is probably more than the past few years combined HAHAHA (i was never a big kdrama person but oh wells look what happened to me aksdjnkwj).

before i continue to ramble, i’m just going to stop so we can get into the wrap up!

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IN THE MONTH OF JANUARY // hitting 100 followers + turning eighteen

i actually read quite a bit in january (11 compared to december where i only read 3 oops)!! but that was mainly in the beginning of the month, before school started taking up so much of my time. that’s also why i’m not posting as much as i did at the start of january haha. (rip all the weekly memes/discussion posts i missed out on).

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WICKED FOX BY KAT CHO // book review

what i thought i was going to read: a paranormal fantasy set in seoul. what i was actually reading: a high school romance set in seoul (with some elements of fantasy).

i was honestly so excited to read wicked fox, yet it ended up being disappointing. maybe my expectations were too high, but still. while the book had so much potential, the execution fell flat.

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BOOKS I MEANT TO READ IN 2020 BUT DIDN’T GET TO // top ten tuesday

top ten tuesday is a weekly book meme created by The Broke and the Bookish in june of 2010 and was moved to That Artsy Reader Girl in january of 2018.

i add books to my TBR all the time, but whether i end up reading them is another question altogether. writing this post is yet another reminder of the books i really wanted to read last year but i didn’t hahaha. i put this post together in like half an hour (??) because i’ve been really busy since school started (it’s literally only been a week and a half and i’m starting to complain already). there are more books i wanted to include but i guess i’ll save that for another day!!

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the last book in the folk of the air series!! after everything that went down in the wicked king, i was EXTREMELY excited to read the queen of nothing. for the most part, it didn’t disappoint: i love cardan and jude (the romance in this book is everything i could ever ask for) but the plot was a little underwhelming. i still feel like i’m not over the world and these characters (okay fine it really is just cardan)

the review contains spoilers for the first two books in the trilogy! i have reviews up for the cruel prince and the wicked king.

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the wicked king is as amazing as its predecessor, if not better. i enjoyed both the plot and the characters (and of course the relationship between cardan and jude). this review contains spoilers for the first book in the series (the cruel prince) so proceed with caution!! also, in case you missed it, i posted a review for the cruel prince so feel free to check that out.

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2020 READING WRAP UP // everything i’ve read + favourites

i can’t believe i’m actually doing this…i know halfway through writing this post i’m going to regret it because it’s going to be a pain in the ass adding all the book cover photos. and yet i’m still doing it. when i could have been studying.

i was originally going to just do a “top books of 2020” post but in the end, i decided to just include everything i’ve read in 2020 so here’s a really long post haha. also, writing this made me regret not reading more because there are sooo many books i want to read now.

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i went into reading this without knowing much, except that there’s a murder and a hella toxic friendship. all i can say is I LOVE IT. it’s so much more dark and haunting than i expected. it sure is one hell of a rollercoaster that i binged this in one sitting.

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i was drawn in by the whole premise of the book, which sounded really unique when i first read the blurb. and for the most part, it did deliver all that i expected. i don’t usually pick up contemporaries with magical realism so the secret of a heart note was a refreshing read. also, it has this kind of escapism feel to it which i really like.

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